Sunday, August 31, 2008

Unexpected Findings

"Crowd of women, led by Mrs. Ida Harris, president of the Women's Vigilance League, at the city hall to protest the soaring cost of food. (Source: Independent, 12 March 1917; International Socialist Review, April 1917)"
Image courtesy US Library of Congress via Wikimedia Commons.

I love google.  I am working on putting together a google map for the play which will show locations of places that existed during that time period and specific locations referenced in the text of the play.  I am also interested in using it for a walking tour with the cast during our first two weeks of rehearsal.  

I wanted to find the location of City Hall when the riots occurred, so I googled it with the date "1917" - in retrospect I should have googled City Hall alone to find out when it was built but this slightly roundabout way of finding that out led to the discovery of this fantastic photo!


debbi said...

This blog is fascinating and interesting and your excitement for your project clearly shines through. You personally have another connection to this era of American history: your role in "Rags" which also took place at this time and location, the tenements where so many Jewish folks settled. Another Yiddish word for you - - - - an American 'shtetl' of sorts...

Melissa said...

Shayna, one of the actresses who is in the show, also played Bella in Rags when she was in high school! We started singing one of the songs during the tour but we were a little shaky on the lyrics!